Namibia is often referred to as the country with a thousand horizons, partly thanks to the wildly diverging collection of natural beauty and the vast distances between them. With the second-lowest population density in the world (only after Mongolia), Namibia is one of those rare places where you could be driving for hours on the long, pencil-straight roads without seeing another human being or passing a single vehicle. Ohorongo has a special place in the Namibian tapestry of landscapes and nestles in a secret corner of the Namibian highlands in the Kunene region.

And when we say “secret corner”, we mean it. You don’t just happen upon Ohorongo if you don’t know where to find it. Travelling from Windhoek, things start out simply enough by following the B1 towards Otjiwarongo and Outjo. Continue along the C38 and eventually the C40 towards Kamanjab. But about 13 km after Otjikondo, you turn off onto the F2659 farm road and, if you keep following the “Ohorongo” signposts, you will find our lodge. But no worries, because we can collect you at Windhoek, or you can fly in by chartered light aircraft, because we have our own airstrip.

Once here, your African adventure begins and you can do as much or as little as you wish. Africa is your oyster and you can finally relax, having left the rat race behind.

  1. Switch off. With no TV in sight, recline in your luxury suite or lounge by the pool in peace in quiet. Who needs TV if the sights, sounds, and smells of Africa are what makes up your personal daily movie and birdsong provides the background music? All that, painted upon the endless canvas of Kunene’s thorny savannahs and granite outcrops, rendered in vivid sunset colours at the end of each day.
  2. Glamp. At Ohorongo Safaris’ Katiti tented camp, glamorous camping takes on a new dimension. You will forget all you know about traditional camping when you see our tents: semi-permanent, en-suite, wood-and-canvas structures that are totally weather-tight and superbly luxurious, yet allows the bushveld’s soundtrack in. You have both indoor and under-the-stars showers to choose from. Close to nature and in the lap of luxury is what Katiti is all about.
  3. Game drives. Our experienced guide will load up the game-viewing vehicle with snacks and treats while you sit back and drink in the beauty of your surroundings – and take photos of the wildlife congregating by the waterhole. If you love game- and bird-spotting, bring along your zoom lens, because the memories you commit to camera last forever!
  4. Walking safaris. A game drive is all good and well, but the best way to experience Africa is on foot. Our guides will safely guide you to all the spots where you can lay eyes on our unique wildlife and get much more up close and personal with them that you would be able to on board a noisy vehicle. Our animals have become used to our guests over the years, offering you a truly personal and unforgettable interaction with rare sightings such as the black-faced impala, roan, and sable – or even a few of our big cats.
  5. Kids’ delight. Kids are welcome at Ohorongo upon prior arrangement and they will get their dose of bushveld, tailored to them. Our guide will take them on bug tours as they explore the wonderful world of insects, such as the colossus beetles, giant millipedes, and anthills that abound at Ohorongo.
  6. Dining. As far as gastronomic delights are concerned, you are most certainly not prepared for the delectable surprise that is Namibian cuisine. Our traditional dishes sport a contemporary twist, we accommodate special requests, and we will always make sure that you have a cocktail or beer in hand at the pool. Sustainability is key at Ohorongo and our top-grade meat is locally sourced, while much of our fresh vegetables and greens come from our very own garden.
  7. Build your own itinerary. Enjoy a hearty breakfast at the lapa and tell us how you want your day to unfold. There is no set programme and you do as you please. The game drive or walking safari can continue for as long as you want it to and your every wish is our command. Our guests love to meet around the pit fire after dinner to compare notes of their day’s sightings and adventures and to watch the game congregate at the illuminated waterhole beneath. The spirit of Africa does not come much more distilled than this.
  8. Local attractions. This being Namibia, there are lots of incredible places to see and experiences to be had in our immediate vicinity. These include a visit to the nearby Etosha National Park, the Waterberg rising spectacularly from the surrounding savannah, or the unforgettable Skeleton Coast. If you’re up for it, let us arrange a 2- or 3-day tour of the Caprivi, either by road or by air.
  9. Cultural experiences. Namibia is all about its people, so join us on a visit to one of the Himba villages in Kunene where you can see the local Himba tribe thriving and building their daily lives according to their age-old customs and way of life.
  10. Bushmen’s art. There are many examples of ancient Bushmen’s paintings and carvings in Namibia, but you don’t even have to leave the Ohorongo Game Reserve to see these. Or we can go further afield for a day or two and see the petrified forest at Khorixas. There is no shortage of reminders that time stands still and has been eternalised in this amazing country’s rock formations.

All these things are right on your doorstep if you visit Ohorongo Safaris for a stay. Opt for a traditional lodge experience or make the adventure extra special by staying at the Katiti tented camp. Either way, we bring Africa to where you are, without you having to forfeit any of your creature comfort or luxuries in the process. You haven’t truly seen the world if you haven’t been to Africa. Let us lift the curtain for you.