My dream in Africa has a long history. Already as a young boy it was calling mightily. I was devouring books of old explorers of those untamed wild places. Livingstone and Stanley were my heroes. Much later, when my daily life consisted of business only, I still managed to sneak away into my dream continent.

In the seventies, eighties and nineties of last century I travelled many still quite unspoiled and beautiful countries in Africa. Just to name a few: Sudan, Uganda Kameron, Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania the Central African Republic where amongst them. The ex-German colony of Namibia seemed to be the only realistic one, where to create my own lasting paradise in Africa.

I found a place of stunning harsh beauty with a diversity of landscape. However, it took a lot of guts and vision to even dream of making it into a game reserve. It was a run-down cattle ranch with lots of fences, compounds, people, rubbish and almost devoid of wild animals. It took more than twenty years to bring that all back into a state when nature and all its diversity could be called pristine gain. A lot of heart blood and expense had flowed into it. Many challenges where to follow the most difficult ones being devastating droughts which threatened to wipe the animal’s population.

But what does not kill you, makes you stronger. Today with lodges and luxury camp sites Ohorongo is a marvel and still unpolished gemstone in the Namibian landscape, vast unspoiled and of stunning beauty. Yet offering all luxury a visitor could wish for. I am glad to say, that the next generation starts to cherish what I have achieved, and I trust that they will carry forward the heirloom of my dreams of Africa.
— Axel Henniges