Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Rates quoted include accommodation and meals as specified, VAT and all
Government levies. Ohorongo Game & Safari Lodge (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to
amend the rates, should government taxes or levies increase due to major
currency devaluation of the Namibian Dollar or any other unforeseen
circumstances that may occur in the duration of this agreement.
All rates quoted in this agreement as specified in the rate sheet of the respective
accommodation establishments are in Namibian Dollars.

1.1.Ohorongo Tented Camp:

1.1.1.Please NOTE: A minimum of 2 nights stay is mandatory at Ohorongo
Tented Camp
1.1.2.Included: Dinner, Bed & Breakfast, light lunch, complementary tea, coffee
& cake, soft drinks.
Laundry service free of charge for 2+ nights’ accommodation.
Guided morning and afternoon nature drive and walks.
Night drives on request, which are dependent on weather and moon
Airstrip transfer from our own airstrips Ohorongo Lodge & Gross Tsaub.

1.1.3.Excluded: Selected wines, beer, spirits and alcoholic drinks.
Private vehicle & guide hire is available on request, which needs to be
booked in advance and is subject to availability at time of booking. Private
vehicle & guide priced according to pricelist.

1.2.Ohorongo Safari Lodge:

1.2.1.Included: Dinner, Bed & Breakfast, complementary afternoon tea, coffee &
cake / cookies. Laundry service free of charge for 2+ nights’
Airstrip transfer from our own airstrips Ohorongo Lodge & Gross Tsaub.
1.2.2.Excluded: Selected wines, beer, spirits, alcoholic drinks, soft drinks,
bottled water & beverages.
Lunch booked a day in advance.
Guided nature walks and drive excursions and night drives, which are
dependent on weather and moon phases.
All Lodge activities will be charged according to our pricelist.


3.1. A booking is only held on a provisional basis until a deposit has been paid.
3.2. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm a provisional booking.
Ohorongo standard cancellation policies apply. The balance of payment is
due 30 days prior to arrival.
3.3. The lodge must receive FULL payment 30 days prior to arrival, or the booking
will automatically be cancelled.
3.4. Payment methods via Electronic Funds Transfer, SWIFT transfer or online
credit card payment link.
3.5. All payments must be made in full and free of any bank charges. Bank charges
for transfer of refunds will be for the guest’s own account.
3.6. Proof of payment must be sent to bookings@ohorongo.eco


6.1. The Western Entrance Gate is in close proximity to the CAMP and gives access to the C35 dirt road between Khorixas / Fransfontein and Kamanjab.
6.2. The Northern Entrance Gate gives access to the LODGE via the F2659 farm road, towards the C40 tar road between Outjo and Kamanjab.
6.3. Driving between the Lodge and Camp takes approximately 45 minutes (24 km) and is accessible only by SUV or four-wheel drive vehicle.
6.4. Private airstrips are available at each accommodation establishment.
Prior permission for landing is compulsory.


Ohorongo Game & Safari Lodge (Pty) Ltd
Email: bookings@ohorongo.eco
Telephone: +264 81 147 7434


2.1. The Client shall be responsible for informing Ohorongo of any booking
requests, booking confirmations, amendments or cancellations of rooms or
services in writing by e-mail.
The onus of proof of delivery in this regard will be on the client.
2.2. Provisional bookings:
61+ days: 14 working days
31 – 60 days: 7 working days
0 – 30 days: 3 working days
2.3. Expiry periods of provisional bookings:
Ohorongo reserves the right to release reservations, unless requested in
writing by the Client to extend the provisional period. The extension of any
provisional period will be at the sole discretion of Ohorongo.
2.4. In the event of Ohorongo receiving a confirmed reservation request against
space being held on a provisional basis by the Client, Ohorongo reserves the
right to request within 3 working days the following:
2.4.1.Confirmation of reservation, furnished with a non-refundable deposit of no
less than 50% of the total value of the reservation; or
2.4.2.Release or re-schedule the reservation.
2.4.3.If no response is received within 3 working days, the booking will
automatically be cancelled and a notification sent accordingly.
2.5. A 25% non-refundable deposit confirms a provisional booking. Upon
confirmation, the Guests names and Nationality needs to be provided.
2.6. A confirmed booking will be subject to the standard cancellation and
payment policies.


4.1. Cancellation of all bookings must be in writing and is only effective on receipt
of the written notification.
4.2. Reservation amendments within the cancellation period may attract
cancellation fees.
4.3. Reservations held by Ohorongo, where no deposit has been paid, will be
cancelled by Ohorongo on notice to the Client.
4.4. Requests to reduce or waiver cancellation fees from the Client, may be
considered at the discretion of Ohorongo.


5.1. Providing Guest Names, Nationality and special food preferences or allergies
is compulsory upon booking confirmation.
5.2. Clients estimated time of arrival (ETA) needs to be provided in advance, via
email, SMS or WhatsApp, at least 24 hours prior to arrival. Please note our
entrance gates are locked at all times.
5.3. Where families are accommodated on a sharing basis, guests should note,
sharing with children may influence general space and comfort in tents, rooms
and leisure areas.
5.4. Private vehicle & guide hire available on request, needs to be booked in
advance, subject to availability at time of booking.
5.5. Guide rates include accommodation and meals. Beverages are on own
account. Guides can participate in excursions free of charge, subject to
5.6. NOTE: Ohorongo Tented Camp: A minimum of 2 nights stay is mandatory at
Ohorongo Tented Camp
Ohorongo Safari Lodge: a minimum of 2 nights or more is recommended for
guests to enjoy the full potential of the exclusive experience offered.
5.7. IMPORTANT: Children under the age of 12 years old are recommended to
book the family friendly Ohorongo Safari Lodge, as the Tented Camp is partly
built on a granite boulder and located in a wilderness area.
5.8. Please ensure that clients have travel insurance to cover emergency travel
expenses such as medical evacuation and all other costs incurred, booking
cancellations etc.