About us

A Sustainable Conservation Legacy

Our Mission

Ohorongo is dedicated to creating a sustainable conservation legacy in Africa.

Our approach to wildlife is to Protect, Reestablish and Nurture. In practice that includes: bringing back long-lost species, defending the land from poachers, and nursing flora and fauna back to sustainable populations.

With over 50 years under the stewardship of one family, we are now the custodians of the fragile remaining population of black rhino. They join a further 40 protected species, in a habitat teeming with flora and fauna, extending over a dazzling 35,000 hectares.

So we take a considered approach to safaris and expeditions, respecting the wildlife, traveling on foot where possible. Food is locally sourced, often grown in our own garden.

Ohorongo is a non profit: every contribution is re-invested into lasting biodiversity and uplifting the local community.

Travel with a Purpose

The Ohorongo Game Reserve is nestled away in a secret corner of the remote Namibian highlands.

300 km north of Windhoek, it’s a treasure trove of diverse landscapes. One moment, you might be traversing the vast savannah and before you know it, our guides will lead you down a breathtaking gorge, where you’ll discover ancient Bushman caves and carvings, or a refreshing natural spring.

The mountainous, granite outcrops are just waiting to be scaled, affording you amazing views of the plains – and wildlife – far below. You’ll be left speechless by the contrasts of the Namibian Bushveld landscape and the sheer diversity of fauna and flora. It is a snapshot of nature that time has forgotten.

Your visit enables us to continue to protect and conserve this unique slice of nature. Let us show you around.

The earth is not ours, it is a treasure we hold in trust for the future generations.


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