Plan Your Visit

Walk with
the black rhino.

Our elegant camp and classic lodge are spectacularly located deep in the Namibian bush.

We are the custodians of fifteen rare black rhino, and we invite you to come and meet them up close.

Ohorongo is a not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to creating a sustainable conservation legacy in Africa for 50 years.

We are custodians of the fragile remaining population of black rhino, who join a myriad of antelopes and gazelles, birds and flora, all protected in a habitat extending for hundreds of square miles.

Why Ohorongo?

Safe in the hands of experienced locals, the outside world will become a distant memory as days drift by in a haze of wildlife, great food and the famous Namibian hospitality. Oh, and the sunsets are a bit special too.

By visiting Ohorongo you're helping continue our long conservation journey. The varied species of game here have learned to tolerate visitors to an extent that you can have an up-close, on-foot experience like no other.

The majestic, dual-horned rhino is a spectacular sight. We are custodians of 15 of these rare animals. This means Ohorongo visitors can enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime black rhino encounter - on foot (our guides will offer plenty of protection).

As well as rhino, the rare sable antelope calls Ohorongo home. Leopards, lions and elephants can all also be found with the help of our passionate guides.


Pack your waking shoes: Ohorongo is 100,000 acres of open veld, granite mountains and thorny savannah. The variety in landscape and scale of the space means mammals, birds and flora are abundant.

We like to get out of the jeep an into nature – on foot. One day you might be face-to-face with a rare black faced impala, the next you're spotting an endemic Lark or stalking a big cat.

Families can enjoy a group expedition or send the children off on a bug tour (giant millipedes, colossus beetles and ant hills abound), while you recline.

This is your space: night safaris can go on as late as you like, and you can travel miles by foot, far from a vehicle. At Ohorongo, you walk in our shoes, but create your own path.


At Ohorongo we take a sustainable approach to food: meat is locally sourced (no frozen chicken here!), and vegetables and herbs are seasonal, grown in our on-site garden when possible.

As part of the holistic experience at Ohorongo, we dine together, with a daily-changing set menu.

Expect Namibian style food with a contemporary twist. If you have any special requests, we're happy to take them on-board.

Our bar is fully stocked and manned. Relax by the pool with a beer, watch the water hole with a glass of South African red, or tour the garden with a G&T.


Arrive by air at one of our two landing strips, we'll collect you and take you straight to the Lodge or Camp.

Take our dedicated transfer from Windhoek, and enjoy air conditioning and hospitality on-the-go.

If you're on a self-drive tour we can meet you on the reserve's fringes and guide you to the Camp or the Lodge.