The Ohorongo Game Reserve is nestled away in a secret corner of the remote Namibian highlands. It is 300 km north of Windhoek and a treasure trove of diverse landscapes. One moment, you might be traversing the vast, thorny savannah and, before you know it, our guides will lead you down a breathtaking gorge where they will help you find the ancient Bushman caves and carvings or perchance a refreshing natural spring.

There are mountainous, granite outcrops just waiting to be scaled, affording you amazing views of the plains – and wildlife – far below. You will be left speechless by the contrasts of the Namibian Bushveld landscape and the sheer diversity of fauna and flora to be found on our 100 000-acre reserve. It is a snapshot of nature that time has forgotten.

Ohorongo Game Reserve is a not-for-profit organisation that has been dedicated to creating a sustainable conservation legacy in Africa for the past 50 years. Welcome to Africa.


Prepare for an experience that is the reserve of the privileged and the reward of the adventurous. The tedium of civilisation fades into insignificance as the splendours of the untamed African savannah vanquish it to the forgotten recesses of your memory. Take in the wonder of this distant paradise – the granite boulders, the hidden gorges, and the endless plains. Ohorongo has successfully preserved a number of endangered species such as the black-faced impala, roan, and sable. Our game is so accustomed to our visitors that those unforgettable, personal encounters are the norm, not the exception.

Surprising game spotters at every turn, the Ohorongo Bushveld puts the extremely shy and rarely spotted sable antelope on occasional display. Also vying for starring roles and cameo appearances alike in this grand production of nature are leopards, lions, and elephants.

The days drift lazily by like a Bushveld mirage as your senses delight in the wonder of nature and our delectable local cuisine. Finish off dinner in spectacular style as nightfall paints a fiery sunset upon the African sky.


Break in your hiking shoes beforehand because the true, distilled essence of Ohorongo’s 100 000 acres of African wilderness should not be experienced any other way. On foot, you’re acutely aware of what a tiny piece of this puzzle you are as the massive scale of the thorny savannah and granite mountain vistas becomes apparent and the canvas of an awe-inspiring African painting is stretched out ahead to the far reaches of the horizon. In the words of a San Bushman legend: “Now you come, now you go. When you come again, you will never go.”

You can only experience this on foot – by far the best way to uncover the hidden gems of the Namibian Bushveld. One day you might come up face to face with a rare black-faced impala and the next you’re happening upon an endemic lark or stalking one of the big cats.

Families can invest in bonding time and enjoy a group expedition together or parents can send the children off on a bug tour where they will be gobsmacked at the wonders of all the giant millipedes, colossus beetles, and anthills that abound.

Your time belongs to you and Africa will slow you down from a tense sprint to a languid lope as you get in step with nature. Evening safaris can go on deep into the night and you can hike on foot as far as your sense of adventure takes you. At Ohorongo, you walk in our shoes but create your own path.




By our very nature, Ohorongo is about sustainability and this is amply reflected in our cuisine – our top-grade meat is sourced locally and most of our seasonal vegetables are lovingly cultivated in our own garden.

In the spirit of Africa, we dine together and our set menu changes daily.

Our traditional Namibian dishes sport a contemporary twist and we are all too pleased to accommodate special requests. Our bar is fully stocked and we will see to it that you relax by the pool with a beer, watch the waterhole with a glass of local red, or tour the garden with a G&T.


Arrive by air at one of our two landing strips. We’ll collect you and take you to the lodge or tented camp.

Take our dedicated transfer from Windhoek, and enjoy air-conditioning and hospitality on the go.

If you’re on a self-drive tour, we can meet you on the reserve’s fringes and guide you to the lodge or camp.

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